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The sad thing is that a non-smoker person inhaling tobacco smoke that smokers exhale directly (so-called passive smoking), receives the same carcinogens, only in smaller doses. Unfortunately, the risk of developing cancers, and increased passive smokers, including children. Therefore, the harm of smoking in such a passive way, as a mere finding indoors with smoking people can be nothing less than active smoking. The harm of smoking. Periodic Table as part of tobacco smoke. Tobacco smoke is not only rich carcinogens. The harm of smoking is compounded by the fact that the composition of inhaled tobacco smoke can be found almost the entire periodic table: mercury, lead, aluminum, copper and even Arseny (poison). It also has ammonia (used in toilet cleaners), acetone (lacquer thinner), DDT (a highly toxic insecticide), formaldehyde (a preservative used in mortuaries), methanol (used in the manufacture of rocket fuel), naphthalene (moth for poison) vinyl chloride (plastic). Incredibly strong harm of smoking seen in the fact that all this crap every day settles in the lungs of the smoker, their scores, and constantly poisoning causes lung failure, early disability and premature dea

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